Private Estate Property

Unique 3.5 acres of shady, wooded seclusion and secure privacy in South Tulsa with unencumbered room to expand. One of the last free-standing estate properties left in South Tulsa. Located in Oklahoma’s wealthiest zip code. This was originally a portion of the Frank W. Murphy estate.

Area Comps – Some adjoining land to the West and South of this property sold for $585,000 to $700,000 PER ACRE.  Newly built homes in this area can range from 2 to 12 million dollars.

Brokers/Agents Protected – 3% commission to a buyer’s agent.

This property is available to whomever has the intent to construct a single-family residence and solely for that purpose only.

No homeowner association fees or restrictions on existing or new construction.

Two high volume fresh water wells producing sparkling fresh water. One well supplied the needs of the house while the second well was used to irrigate the grounds. Well depths are approximately 60′ and the wells supply a high and constant supply of sand-filtered potable water.

Multiple zone sprinkler system is operated from the water wells.

Exclusive private and gated driveway – Approximately 1,200′ in length.

Populated with numerous mature large diameter oak trees.

150 large Nellie Stevens Holly trees planted on the property perimeter to create a huge, lush evergreen privacy hedge. Hollies planted across the front of the property average approximately 16′ in height. This particular landscape feature has a value in excess of $100,000.

Lots of room for expansion and seclusion. Approximately 150,000 square feet of land.

Private and secure walking trails on the property.

15′ X 36′ In-ground swimming pool original to the property.

1,400 square foot detached garage/shop building with heat and air. High-density concrete floors, over-head hoist crane, 12′ ceiling with a 10′ X 14′ wide automated overhead door. Two man-size doors and one dog door with an attached 400 square foot chain link sheltered dog run.

Entire property is securely double fenced. Inner fencing is 6′ chain link and outer walls comprised of robust 8′ masonry construction.

Situated in the Bixby School District.

N O T E –  Proof of funds required to view this property, no exceptions. Proof can be as simple as an email confirmation of ample cash liquidity or pre-approved financing from a bank or lending institution.