How Long Have We Owned This Property: Approximately 20 years.

Why Is The Website Titled, “Cougar 411” About 20 years ago on April 11 (4/11) we entered the property in the late evening and made our way up the driveway to the gate of the property, which was about 100′ from the front door of the house and there stood a full-sized adult Cougar pacing back and forth at the gate. This area of town at that time was wide open remote country. It was densely populated with deer, wild turkeys, red foxes, snowy owls, coyotes and venomous reptiles.

Are There Any Mortgages, Liens or Encumbrances Against This Property? Absolutely none.

What Is The Zoning Classification Of This Property? It is zoned AG (agricultural)

Is This Property Serviced By City Water And Sewer? No, it is plumbed on a septic system and water is provided by 2 fresh water wells on the property.

Are The Water Wells Reliable? We have used the 2 water wells as the exclusive water supply source for this property during the approximately 20 years that we’ve owned the it. During that time we have never experienced an instance where either well failed to supply all of our water needs. The well that services the house has never required any service or pump replacement. The well that services the grounds and irrigation system is operated at a higher volume and pressure and over the course of 20 years we replaced the pump 2 times and the pressure tank once. The wells are 60′ deep and are sand filtered.

Is City Water And Sewer Readily Available? Yes, the City Water and Sewer lines are installed just a foot or so outside of our South and West property lines. Several years ago when the city installed the lines we took the opportunity to purchase a water tap on our Western boundary. We never activated the tap, just acquired it as potential option for the future.

Is This Property Served By Cable And Fiber Optic? Yes, it is currently served with BTC Fiber Optic and Cox Cable pedestals are just outside our Southern property line.

Is This Property Subject To Any Applicable Homeowner Association Fees or Restriction? Absolutely none.

Can This Property Be Split Into Multiple Lots To Accommodate The Construction Of Multiple Houses? We would not sell it to anyone for that purpose. We would only sell this property to someone that intends to build a single-family residence.

Is This Property Considered To Be In The City Limits of Bixby or Tulsa? It is designated as Tulsa.

Are There Out Buildings On This Property? There is a sturdy red-iron, steel 1,400 square foot detached garage/shop building with heat and air. Has high-density 4000 psi concrete floors, over-head hoist crane, 12′ ceiling with a 10′ X 14′ wide automated overhead door. Two man-size doors and one dog door with an attached 400 square foot chain link sheltered dog run.

Is There A House On This Property? Yes, in the mid 70’s Frank W. Murphy commissioned the Jim Butler Construction Company to custom build a lodge-style home of approximately 3,000 square feet. The home has only had 2 owners after it was built and it has remained remarkably original throughout it’s tenure. It was built with prime materials of the time and a significant level of craftsmanship was appropriated in the interior wood workings.

What Representation And Warranty Is Offered On The Existing House? Absolutely none. (MAKE CERTAIN TO READ THIS PARAGRAPH BEFORE CONTACTING US.) This property is priced below actual confirmed “Comparable Sales” in the immediate and contiguous area. This house and warehouse/shop are essentially FREE because the value of the land exceeds the price at which it is being offered. So if you can use the free house, that’s fine, if instead you build a new home, that’s fine as well. And because the house and the warehouse/shop are essentially free, they are not being offered or represented in any manner. The house will not be shown, it is the land that constitutes the entirety and valuation of this offering. Please be certain that you fully understand this point before making any effort to proceed further. If the house and shop on this property are the crux of your buying decision, then this isn’t the property for you. This property is for someone intent on the purpose of constructing a single-family residence.